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Understanding You Gemstones Facets

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Gem Informative Its a deeper subject to understand how are gemstones prepared to look so flawlessly Beautiful. Transforming gemstone rough into those beautiful faceted Piece of art is truly an outstanding art of Lapidary. 
Its said that the cutters with many years of experience doesn’t even have to look at the stones too much. Its just the sound of the machine and the stone touching the spinning cutter they need to focus on. Insane isn’t it. 
If you are working with the jewelry industry you must be very well aware how different cuts and facets are available. 
Facets : 
Facet, flat, polished surface on a cut gemstone, usually with three or four sides. The widest part of a faceted stone is the girdle; the girdle lies on a plane that separates the crown, the stone's upper portion, from the pavilion, the stone's base.
Types of Facets: 
Facet Types. There are two types of facets in Kibo eCommerce: Element facets—consist of product categories, subcategories, and product price. Attribute facets—consist of product properties, extras, and options associated with product types.

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