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Moissanite Green 5MM Round Cut


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Average weight: 
Materials:  Synthetic Moissanite

Size: 5 mm
Shape: Round
Cut: Faceted 
Approx carats per stone
Treatment: None
Country of Origin: Lab Created

Moissanite looks very similar to a diamond. It's near-colorless, has a similar refractive index to a diamond and the GIA deems moissanite the closest diamond imitation. Many jewelers consider moissanite a diamond alternative, not an imitation, though you will find plenty of that language on the internet.

The reason natural moissanites are so rare is because silicon carbide is scarcely found in nature anymore. Synthetic moissanite is commonly confused with lab-grown diamonds, however they have different chemical compositions and are valued independently of one another.

Visibly, Moissanite looks very similar to diamond, but it's an amazing stone in its own right. It isn't ONLY beautiful or desirable because it resembles diamond. The fact that Moissanite looks so similar to diamond doesn't make it a 'fake' diamond.

Clarity: Transparent 

Quantity : 1 Piece

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