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What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is the most highly valued stone in the quartz group. The name means "not Drunken", as amethyst was worn as an amulet against Drunkenness. Crystals are always grown onto a base. Prisms are usually not well developed,therefore are often found as crystal points (pointy amethyst) with the deepest colors. 

Heating : Heat treatments between 878 and 1382 Degrees F(450-750 Degrees C) Produces light yellow, red brown, green or color less varieties. The original color can be restored by X-Ray radiations. The coloring agent is Iron. In artificial light, amethyst does not display as desirable quantities. 

Mineralogy: Very deep violet crystal quartz( Trigonal, Primary)


Spiritual aspect- Uprightness, Impartiality.

Spiritual : Will power, Helps overcome pain, griefs and losses

Mind aspects: Improves Concentration.