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About Us

Making Gemstones Wearable 

We are manufacturers and dealers of all kind of “Semi-Precious Stones” in almost every possible shapes and sizes. We are working in Thailand since a long to deliver the best cuts and quality gemstones. We have the best price you can get in the market and at the same time we provide the best quality product and on time delivery with a three layer quality check system at our manufacturing department.


Knowing Gemstones is itself a Practice of Pride, we are all so much in love with working with different stones and different people around the world. Each one has different perceptions about the Gemstone they know. 

Our Workers in India are trained to get perfection before they get speed. We believe every penny of our customer has to be worth what they receive. Quality is much more important then Quantity. 

We have been working with many Big companies working with reputed TV channels around the Globe, promising the same quality control and timely deliveries. 

 We are also exhibiting in Gems and Jewelry shows in Bangkok, Thailand and Hong Kong Consistently. It is been a great experience since years be a part of Gems Shows and meet new people every time. We display all kind of Cut stones,Opaque stones, Special cuts etc