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Healing Crystal

Crystals have been making multiple impacts on our live with respect to several studies. i here want to discuss both scientific and spiritual part together. Check out the Blogs on the website. 
Crystals are been a part of this planet since forever.Gemstones have fascinated people for thousands of years.
In ancient times they were worn as Amulets and talismans, offering protection against ghosts/ repulsing evils,preserving health, and wandering off the plague. A Link with astrology was formed and Gemstones were allocated to the signs of the zodiac. At one time, precious jewelry was a way to recognize the truly rich as opposed to mere pretenders to power and wealth. 
 Crystals are Uniform body with an ordered structures( strict order of the smallest components - Atoms, ions, or molecules) in a geometric crystal lattice. 

Healing Crystals :
It has been a huge debate among science people and the religious people or say the people who believe in the extraordinary power in the nature to cure people in their own ways. the pharmaceutical companies are no doubt is gonna be the first preference to get out of any kind of illness. 
Crystals are stones full of Earth energies in it. These crystals and Gemstones grow inside the mother earth holding all the sun's energy mixed up with the soil components (where so ever its been found). perhaps crystals are carrying a lot of energy to provide powerful healing to anyone if used  appropriately.