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Swiss Blue Topaz 6 MM Round Facted 10 Pcs Lot AAA Quality


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One of the prettiest and most popular in the blue topaz family is Swiss Blue topaz. This is a popular family with three different shades of blue: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue topaz.

Sky blue is very much like aquamarine in its color range. London blue is a darker blue tone and Swiss blue is the bright, electric, more vivid blue of the three. Blue topaz in all three colors constitutes one of the most popular of gemstones.

Swiss blue is an intense blue color range that is verily described as vivid, electric or super blue. Some of the most vivid shades of Swiss blue topaz can be compared to the rich colors of the Caribbean Ocean which is very close to the color of top Brazilian Paraíba tourmaline. It’s no wonder it is so well liked; it is gorgeous and affordable.

Most Swiss blue topaz starts as white or colorless topaz from either Brazil or Sri Lanka. It is then irradiated to activate the intense, stable color centers that give us that electric, vivid blue color. Topaz is one of the hardest of all gemstones. With a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, it takes a superior polish and gives a beautiful luster. Flawless by nature, Swiss blue topaz is natural beauty.