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How to differentiate between Real Gemstones and Fake ones?

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How to differentiate between Real Gemstones and Fake ones? 

Gemstone Business definitely looks really fancy and income generating. More new people entering the market is creating a lot of unethical practices in the market. Its really sad that there are people selling absolutely fake gemstones in the name of " Natural Gemstones" on many of the famous and reputed online portals. And what's more sad is these big entities will never know about these fraudulent practices. 

This is really bothering me so hard. We on one had make sure our customer know exact quality of the gemstone they are buying, people are so openly selling Fake Glass as Emeralds and customers are happy buying those products. That's really a shame. Some of these people even claim to be GIA Graduates also, that even more upsetting. 

I am not sure if there will be any actions taken against any such businesses to stop such untrue statements and selling fake gemstones but i think i can help you check if you are buying right thing. 

Quick Points you can consider before buying online Gemstones. 

1. Keep yourself updated 

Always understand what gemstone you are buying and what price you can get it in general. Do not go for the cheapest ones. you might end up buying a Doublet or fake glass. We have very internet access in our hands, it would take a couple of  seconds to check the price of the Gemstone you are about to buy.


2. Always buy from Credible Suppliers

It is very Important to have a reliable supplier that you can put your trust on.  A few extra bucks are worth for a trustworthy supplier. Checking the reviews is not a bad thing. Always know who you are buying from and how faithful your supplier is. If you are buying Gemstones online from someone for the first time always check on their other customers and ratings. Saving and few bucks can cost you a lot. 

Look for suppliers who can provide you with enough knowledge about the stone.

3. Talk to your supplier about your purchase if there's a doubt

If you suspect anything about your purchase, maybe the Gem you are buying are much higher price with other suppliers or the color they show in the picture provided looks different or photoshopped ; its okay to confirm.

4. Look for similar Gemstones

Always check the gemstones inclusions and Cleavages. its nearly not possible for a common man to check such minor differences. The stone might be Heated, Treated, Glass filled or Glass itself. If the supplier has stated clearly about these differences; you can trust them. But keeping your knowledge is important. 

5. Check the Market price of the Gemstone you are Buying. 

Last but but not the least; If you are buying from a new supplier an expensive Gemstone always check prices on the online portals. If the price is unexpectedly low its better to ask about the reason for such a low price. 

I would be more than happy to answer questions and discus about such unpleasant practices. Drop a comment or DM us on Instagram.