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Hexagon and Kites

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Trending gemstones are something i always have my eyes on, i usually keep scrolling around the Internet to see what can be a new big hit to be Introduced or re introduced in Jewelry industry. Luckily we have such amazing customers (Touch Wood ) are so open to try new thing in their jewelry. 

Last couple of months we've been making a lot of Hexagons and Kites. 

If you follow us on Instagram you must have definitely noticed Increased posts and stories of Hexagons and kites all over.  

Both these shapes are Bold and so elegant. We make some Black onyx for Hexagons at first and they sold really well and we got good amount of requests about different stones in Hexagon. then came in more different varieties of Hexagons such as Moss Agate, Agates, Labrodorites, Rutiliated Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethysts etc. Same followed with Kites despite they started with Moss agate and still showing different requests. 



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