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Doublet Quartz- What are Doublets ?

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Doublets are often misunderstood because of the name of course. This stone is the creation of some gemologist to win over the problems of costs and color of certain kinds of gemstone. these are certainly not FAKE or Synthetic. 

Doublets are also referred to as Gem Sandwich or Assembled Stones. 

What are Doublets? 

Doublet quartz are basically Crystal quartz aka white Quartz Top part and bottom part of a stone cut separately stickled together with a film of color in between them to give the desired color to the stone. 

Doublet Quartz- what are doublets

Doublets have turned out to be a dream stone for some jewelers who love to use certain colors but couldn't afford to invest in to real Sapphires or Emeralds. The flexibility of this stone is fantastic. You can also ask for a natural looking stone with inclusions, so that your jewelry look quite surreal. 

Doublet Quartz Natural effect

The bottom white quartz used in this kind of natural looking doublets are used the ones with some inclusions or cleavages. 

What are Triplets ?


Here the cutting includes one more piece as the name suggests. Triplets comprises or two white quartz and the center piece to be any gemstone of choice in a flat shape to be set at the grid area of the entire stone.

Doublet Cabochons 

Doublet cabochons are a colored gemstone in the bottom flat shaped like a coin topped with white quartz. they usually use this to give the jewelry more luster like look. Something like a water drop on the colorful stone. 

Doublet Cabochon
BiColor Douublets 


These are the real reason why people were interested in trying out such an experimental Gemstone in the first place with us. These gave the tourmaline look. that too in various colors . 

Bi Color Doublets


Gemstones are so unpredictable , right? 

what do you think about this amazing gemstone, let us know. it would be fantastic to get a feedback 

We make Doublets in almost any color and shape and size, you name it. we have some colors uploaded on the website. do have a look. 

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