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Top 5 Gemstones of the year 2021

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Gem trends change now days more than we blink. Ever continent has a different favorite. The choice are different even with the different metals the gemstones used. Fine jewelry always hold tight on to Diamonds, Emeralds and Sapphires. Whereas Semi-Fine Jewelry with 14k Gold or plating or Silver are quite open for experimenting with rare and different Gemstones.
Popular Gemstones
2021 has shown such immense fluctuating trend in gemstones and as well as jewelry. As far as i understand this recent trend I've seen a certain liking for Blues and Yellows more. 
Sitting in one of the Important city the makes loads of world's jewelry, shows us all kinds of trends popping around all the time. The recent events with not much of any Gem Exhibitions happening has been difficult for everyone.
My General observation has seen these five top Gems that are trending right now. 
Top 5 Gemstones in Trend -2021 
Aquamarine is really something different. Its seen that artisans are taking heavy Interest in Aquamarine Gemstone. Both Milky aquamarine and Clean top quality are trending among youngsters. Its seen to make stylish yet Sober style of jewelry Beautifully Complimenting Young Women 
Tanzanite is this beautiful purplish Blue tone of blue is a definite Extraordinary color Gemstone. It is catching eyes of people since its discovery. Tanzanite is becoming more usable these days as it gets flexible with all age groups. It gets easily adjusted with most of other gemstones. 
Its seen to be largely used in Cabochons.   
All if the Tourmaline colors are seen loved but especially yellow and pinks worked really well this year. Yellow tourmaline looked so beautiful in some of custom made wedding rings with Diamonds and Yellow gold. 
Moss agate is anyways one of my loved gemstones since forever.  Moss Agate is seen experimented with so many different gemstones. With Gold and Diamonds, different shapes are liked in Moss agate as the Kites and Hexagons.
Kyanite cabochons are recently trending again after a long lost season. The rusty surface is seen to be more preferred among sterling silver Artisans. High quality pieces are also seen combined with other gemstones and also in Wedding jewelries 
Hope you find some help in deciding your next master piece.