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Multi Color Tourmaline 3 MM Round Facted AAA Quality Gemstone 10 Pcs Lot


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Tourmaline is considered to be the 8th Anniversary gemstone. It is categorized as a semi-precious stone. It comes in various shades and hues; the most common among them is the multi-coloured tourmaline. As the name suggests, it is a stone that has two or more different colours and are sometimes referred to as either 'rainbow tourmaline' or even bi-coloured tourmaline. It is considered to be one of the most complicated minerals put together with mixed crystals of aluminium boron silicate. One can create completely different shades with the slightest changes in the composition. The name 'Tourmaline' is derived from a Singhalese word "Thuramali" or "Thoramalli" a term given to distinct gemstones in Sri Lanka.

This is also a birthstone for those born on the month of October. Besides its numerous healing properties as mentioned above, what is unique about this stone is that it is also called the Love Stone as it is worn by those couples facing difficulties in their relationships as it is usually worn to balance one's energy in the body.